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"So what exactly can you do for me?"

We get this a lot.

The short answer is, "if it involves a screen, a keyboard, and the internet, there's a good chance we can do it."

But if you still need some ideas for the types of things we might help you with, we've put together this list of just about all of the things we've ever done for our clients!

Can't find exactly what you're looking for here? Let us know! Chances are very good we're up to the challenge of doing something new for you! (And we never charge you for the time it takes us to learn new apps and tools.)

Appointment Schedulers

Gone are the days of, "Are you free on Wednesday? No? How about next Friday? Well can you do Sunday at 2:30am?" Appointment schedulers allow you to send a link to your clients to put something on your calendar with no hassle to you. All you have to do is show up to your meetings (which we can also set automated reminders for)! We have helped our clients with the appointment schedulers by:

  • Setting up schedulers in Calendly, Acuity/Squarespace, Honeybook, and Dubsado
  • Creating custom scheduling pages on your website to ensure consistent branding between your scheduler and other materials
  • Linking appointment schedulers to your online calendar(s)
  • Adding links to your various scheduler types to appropriate places, like your website, within email templates, or in your email signature
  • Using Zapier to link appointment schedulers to hundreds of third party apps
  • Auditing your existing schedulers and their reminder workflows to ensure everything is functioning properly

Coding & Programming

Our team is proficient in a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript, jQuery, Java, HTML, CSS, PowerShell, AppleScript, and Swift, so whether you're needing a quick interactive element added to your website or a brand new, custom app for your team, we can build the perfect solution for you! Some examples of projects we've done for clients include:

  • Creating custom interactivity in websites, like the accordion-style dropdown you're using here now or interactive forms that change and request different information depending on previous answers and non-answers (go click around our contact form for some ideas about what's possible)
  • Writing custom APIs to interface with thousands of other apps
  • Building entire websites from scratch
  • Creating simple applets that help our clients get their work done faster, more efficiently, and with fewer errors

CRM Setups and Refreshes

CRMs are our bread and butter. We just love setting up client relationship management systems for our clients and have done tons of things within these apps, including:

Dubsado (the single best CRM there is for creative solopreneurs)

  • Creating and optimizing form templates
  • Using custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript to design forms that match your brand and are interactive
  • Setting up scheduler, package, and payment plan templates
  • Building workflows ranging from very simple to incredibly complex to fit any business use case
  • Ensuring all account settings are set up correctly, including DNS, email, client portal, and more
  • Embedding lead capture forms and public proposals on websites
  • Providing libraries of training videos to leave our BFFs feeling like Dubsado experts

The Business Tech BFF team are Certified Dubsado Specialists!

Aisle Planner (specialized CRM for wedding professionals)

  • Creating and optimizing checklist, budget, timeline, document, note, style guide, layout, and email templates
  • Creating and embedding lead capture forms on websites
  • Providing libraries of training videos to leave our BFFs feeling like Aisle Planner experts

Other CRMs

While Dubsado and Aisle Planner are the CRMs we work with most commonly, we can help with any CRM you want to choose. Some of the systems we've worked with before include:

  • Honeybook
  • 17 Hats
  • Táve
  • Keap
  • Salesforce
  • Many others (and if we haven't used it before, we'll learn it for free before helping you!)

Desktop Automation

Not all automations live on the internet. Sometimes, your business is performing repetitive tasks right on your devices, and those can be automated too! Here are some examples of desktop automations we've implemented for our clients:

  • Pairing Stream Deck with PowerShell script to perform powerful automations and create applets that allow users to perform actions more quickly on Windows computers
  • Using apps like Text Expander, Keyboard Maestro, and Typinator to write incredibly dynamic content with just a simple key stroke
  • Troubleshooting hardware issues, including printers, keyboards and mice, monitors, and more.

Domain Settings

If acronyms like DNS, FTP, DKIM, CNAME, MX, or even WWW make you go 😳, 🥱, 😱, or 🤢, we've got your back! Setting up (and especially making changes to) your domain settings can be daunting. We've given our clients peace of mind with the following services:

  • Purchasing and setting up new domain names (ie. "www.YourWebsite.com")
  • Switching to a new email address or setting up aliases like "hello@YourWebsite.com"
  • Updating DNS settings to whitelist your domain for apps that require access to your domain name or email

Digital Organization

If you ever feel overwhelmed by the the 253k emails in your inbox, the 798 files saved on your desktop, or the dozens of tabs that stay opened in your browser window, we can help design systems to bring those numbers down and make them stay down. Here's what we've helped our clients accomplish:

  • Setting up email filters that are easily (and sometimes automatically) sorted so you only see what you want to see when you want to see it
  • Creating file organization systems to ensure your computer files stay sorted and easily searchable
  • Removing unused and temporary files to free up space on your hard drive
  • Transferring data between two (or more) apps

Education & Training

Do you need training videos so you and your team can make the most of the apps you use? Or maybe you just need someone to clearly and practically explain how to use your online business tools? We help our clients by:

  • Recording custom videos that walk you through as much of your process as you need. These can range from just a couple of tasks you need to learn to a full, in-depth training of each and every aspect of your digital process
  • Provide PDF training and quick reference guides to walk you through how to perform specific processes and tasks within an app
  • Sit down on a video call and answer any questions you have about your digital tools or work with you to create solutions to any struggles you're having

Email Marketing & Lead Generation

While we're not marketing experts, we know our way around email marketing platforms like Flodesk, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, and more! We have worked with our clients on:

  • Creating a freebie delivery system
  • Creating forms and landing pages with CTAs for your leads to follow
  • Creating dynamic targeted email workflows and sequences
  • Creating segmented audiences using your existing mailing list
  • Auditing preexisting marketing efforts for CAN-SPAM and GDPR compliance

Generally speaking, we do not write marketing copy or perform graphic design services, so it's important to have the copy and graphics you'd like us to use before reaching out to us to build out your email sequences.

Generative AI

Since December 2022, the world has been captivated by the immense potential of generative AI, and Business Tech BFF has been at the forefront of harnessing this groundbreaking technology. Our expertise lies in utilizing AI to revolutionize various aspects of your business. Imagine effortlessly generating compelling website copy, crafting personalized email responses, condensing entire books into concise summaries, or even kickstarting your novel with an AI-generated first draft. The possibilities are limitless! We've successfully empowered dozens of clients in streamlining their workflows through the remarkable capabilities of generative AI through:

  • Generating a large amount of compelling copy in a short amount of time for marketing campaigns, blog and social media posts, and product descriptions, all without sacrificing brand voice or personalization
  • Automating customer support by providing intelligent chatbots that deeply understand your business and can respond to client questions without feeling robotic or scripted
  • Creating customized AI applets that you can use like an always "on" virtual assistant to answer questions, assist with scheduling, get information, and even perform administrative tasks like making travel reservations or ordering new inventory
  • Providing training on how to use AI tools effectively and consistently

Fun Fact: Just as an example of what's possible, the first paragraph of this section was written completely by AI.

LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

We are a fully queer owned and operated team. Even though it may not be very "tech-y", we are passionate about building LGBTQIA2S+ inclusive practices for businesses. We have worked with our clients on:

  • Adopting gender neutral and inclusive language across all marketing materials, client-facing documents, and internal tools
  • Educating and providing best practices for wedding businesses (especially planners, DJs, venues, and florists) for effectively communicating with couples across the spectrum of gender identity and sexual orientation

Website Builds and Audits

We have built, revised, and audited dozens of websites for our clients. We can work with websites made from scratch with HTML, CSS, and Javascript/jQuery or work in website building platforms like Wix, Webflow, Showit, Squarespace, and WordPress. We can help with:

  • Building your website from the ground up
  • Making updates to your website, including adding dynamic contact forms, embedding content, installing widgets, and making minor design adjustments
  • Performing audits to test link functionality, ensure compatibility across browsers, devices, and operating systems, and check for design and layout errors
  • Setting up an online shop so visitors can make purchases directly from your website
  • Setting up and installing your Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to help track your website users and conversions

Generally speaking, we do not write copy or perform graphic / web design services, so it's important to have the copy and graphics you'd like to use before reaching out to us to create your new website or update your existing one.

Zapier Automations

Zapier is one of our absolute favorite tools at Business Tech BFF. When one app simply can't seem to do what you're trying to make it do, there's a good chance there's a way to integrate it with Zapier and accomplish the task at hand. Not to mention the time Zapier can save you from performing repetitve tasks over and over and over again! We can help you with:

  • Sending leads from sites like WeddingWire and The Knot to your CRM and/or email marketing platform
  • Automatically sending new clients customized handwritten notes and gifts
  • Updating your online calendar to reflect current lead / client booking status
  • Sending payment and invoice information from your payment processor to your bookkeeping platform
  • Creating an automated referral partner / affiliate program (this service is suggested for B2B businesses only)

* Note that some of these automations are "multi-step Zaps" and require a paid Zapier account, which starts at $19.99/month. When you reach out to us, we can advise on the best Zaps for you (free or paid).


When we say we're up to helping you with just about anything that involves a screen, a keyboard, and the internet, we really mean it! Here is a list of tasks we've performed for clients that didn't really fit neatly into one of the categories above:

  • Creating Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Designing QR codes that link to your website, special offers, and landing pages
  • Setting up branding, settings, and functions within each of your apps
  • Researching and recommending applications to you based on your specific needs
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